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WANITA, a true Indonesian fashion brand established in January of 2015.


All of the collections are handcrafted specifically by the team at WANITA. Inspired by its owner, Shinta Caroline, from her own journeys and her love of travelling through Indonesia. Also, her families love for Indonesian culture, history, antiquity and Batik has influenced her work.


The conception of WANITA has come from the strong desire to share her story with the women of Indonesia and the world, who are each on their own journey, through each individual Artwork called Batik Tulis or 'Handwritten Batik'. Using the techniques of drawing motifs with pencil, hot wax and several natural coloring processes applied on various hand-woven fabrics, each design represents Indonesian landscapes and scenery. The result is a unique, timeless design that reflects an individuals memories of travels and journeys.

The batik collection at WANITA is one way of preserving Indonesian heritage and national identity through local fashion.


Occasionally WANITA also presents the special collections, with variety of the archipelago fabrics of such as hand-woven fabrics, cotton and linen in vibrant colors to fit out the fashion needs of Indonesian women, without leaving the signatures of Nusantara styles. Which this special collections re-calls the first concept of WANITA being formed. Clearly visible in the rich natural and cultural of our archipelago, that can be appreciated, be proud of and sure to worn by its lovers.